Osher Management Services, Inc.
Consider it done!

Our management philosophy is to manage properties so as to maximize value
  return consistent with Ownership’s goals. We are committed to superior quality
of service and develop management relationships with associations with which we
can commit to a personal and outstanding level of service. Our goal is to manage,
maintain and operate your Association at the highest level consistent with our

Striving for excellence to the very last detail, we will listen to your goals and  
objectives. Together with you, we will plan a customized property management
program designed to protect your quality of life and ensure the long-term financial
health of your property by providing efficient daily operations, well managed capital
improvements, accurate accounting records, and effective financial planning.

However complicated the issues facing Chicago’s community associations are,
we are here working together with you.

Each owner, whether in a studio or penthouse, a small building or large complex,
desires prompt and courteous attention to his or her needs. We understand that
one’s home is one’s castle. Our staff, including the repair & maintenance vendor
partners respond quickly to your needs. We solely work with trusted and
experienced vendors that are re-qualified periodically based on level of service and
determination they provide to our clients.

Regular services include but are not limited to: preparation of a management plan,
development of an efficient maintenance plan, distribution of a customized cost
savings plan, creation of an up to date vendor list, maintenance of the rules and
regulations, operating budget and reserve requirements analysis.

                  We look forward to serving you!
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